Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Month in Cambodia

So I have just realised that I have had a massive gap since the last time I posted, so I will try and summarise the last months happenings:

1. Celebrated Halloween in Style - Toga style!

2. Went to Chamcar Bei to build some houses and plant some corn

House done!

3. Eat some fish in Kep
4. Visited to Kampot, where we stayed in a charming little guesthouse with no sheets

5. Celebrated Max and Victor's last weekend - Where else than Heart of Darkness! But not before stopping at the gay bar before hand...

6. Went out for Vy's birthday on a Sunday night... Work was far from fun the next day - Thanks for the night Vy and Happy Birthday!

7. Went to my first Khmer Wedding and also another one the week after!

Congratulations Sury!

Congratulations Phea!

8. Dressed up as a Khmer Princess - Officially the most makeup I've ever worn in my life

I might start sporting this back in the UK too...

9. Became a first aid training MACHINE, been running 2-3 sessions a week now. Think I might go pro! Doing the training has also been quite exciting and a nice change from my regular Korsang routine.

Teachers from Rudi Boa doing some sexy bandages

Be prepared for a whammy of post coming up - I'm making up for the past month of blog neglect :-)