Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moto Burns

So I've heard all about moto burns since I arrived in Cambodia. Too many people pile on to a moto and then when they hop off someone gets a wee bit too close to the engine thingy bit. They say moto burns are a right of passage and oh so painful.

Six weeks into to my time in Phnom Penh I was still injury free, no falls, no trips (despite some intoxication). But this all changed. Yes my friends, little did I know my moto burn was only round the corner. I'll keep the story short and sweet, so here's a photo!

But don't worry about me, I got the burn in the most respectable way, which was entirely down to my complete inadvertence: not driving a moto, not on the back of a moto, but walking past a moto. Well at least now I'll watch where I walk!

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