Thursday, September 30, 2010

How you know you're in Cambodia

So after being here almost three months, I think I have a pretty good idea what are the major Khmer traits, which I will attempt to summarise in the following bullet points:
  • 4 people on a moto, 1 helmet (if you're lucky) and also as many people in a tuk tuk/car as possible
  • Babies on a moto (I know it's so dangerous, but actually it's kind of cute)
  • Person driving the moto is on the phone (often with 3 other people and baby)
  • Road signs? What road signs! No jokes guys, red lights, no turning, one way street rules just DO NOT apply here.
  • An abundance of Lexus cars with no number plates (for some reason people prefer to have a massive car than a nice home)
  • Crashing whilst driving is totally normal, if it's not bad you just keep on driving if not you just abandon your moto in the middle of the road.
  • Woman and pyjamas: it's like the ultimate outfit here
  • Every time you drink you get food. Yes, even if you have just been out for a meal.
  • Men holding hands
  • The love of the colour pink: pink phones, pink tuk tuks. You name it, it's in pink.
  • You get used to bartering and questioning every single price you are given
  • Singing karaoke is completely normal, ALL THE TIME.
  • When you're sick you get scratched with a coin
  • Loos have no loo paper, only a bum hose. This is more hygienic in my opinion, but walking around with wet trousers just isn't worth it.
  • You eat fruit with chilli, salt and sugar - Actually quite nice! It adds a bit of a zing ;-)
  • You drink hot tea with ice.
There are probably many more, so if you can think of any faithful reader feel free to comment!

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